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750 UAH 1400 UAH 2000 UAH

Pid kashtanom

Vorokhta, 400-4500 UAH

Pid kashtanom Vorokhta


Number of beds: 3 add to notepad


Vyshkiv, 540-1000 UAH

Yalynka Vyshkiv

Entertainment complex

Number of beds: 60 add to notepad

Maristella club

Odesa, 1750-9999 UAH

Maristella club Odesa

Entertainment complex

Number of beds: 34 add to notepad

Reikartz River Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv, 530-1450 UAH

Reikartz River Mykolaiv Mykolaiv


Number of beds: 164 add to notepad